Thursday Night Football open thread: Raiders at 49ers

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Thursday Night Football open thread: Raiders at 49ers

Who wants to see a trainwreck?

I’m going to be completely honest with you all. I very seriously considered not even making an open thread for this “Thursday Night Football� game. I would be shocked if this article got more than five comments tonight. And if it does, it’s likely one person commenting six times to prove me wrong.

The 1-6 Oakland Raiders are facing off against the 1-7 San Francisco 49ers . They’re trying to bill this game as “The Battle of the Bay� but it’s really more like The Battle of the Decay. No wait, I can do better than that. The Battle of the Bay Minus. Nope, not better. Hmmm. The Battle of the Nay. Fine, let’s go with that.

The 49ers are already on their third-string quarterback, and it’s someone I’m certain you’ve never heard of before today. I’m being assured that Nick Mullens is not a fake name and is, indeed, an NFL quarterback. The good news for Mullens is that the Raiders have traded away all of their pass rushers, so he may be able to act like it’s practice out there.

If you want to talk about this game—why? You’re more than welcome to in the comment section below, but if you want to talk about anything else, that’s cool, too. The Red Wings are on. I’m sure there are some good TV shows running these days, too. How about that “Walking Dead� episode? I can’t believe that scene with the zombies! (sorry, spoilers!)

Enjoy some “football.�

Detroit Lions

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