Breaking down short-term, long-term implications of Golden Tate trade

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Breaking down short-term, long-term implications of Golden Tate trade

The PODcast crew convenes to talk about the Lions’ huge trade-dealine-move

For the second week in a row the PODcast has blown predictions about the trade deadline. First, we expected a quiet couple weeks from the team and were proven wrong in less than 24 hours when the Detroit Lions traded for Damon Harrison Sr. Then earlier this week, we shrugged off Golden Tate rumors only to, again, be proven wrong in less than a day.

So the PODcast reconvened late Tuesday night to eat a bunch of humble pie and discuss the team’s somewhat surprising move. To help discuss the trade, we brought along Kyle Yost, who advocated for this very trade about a month ago . Along with Jeremy and Ryan, they debate the merits of this move and what it means for the team.

This week on the EMERGENCY PODcast

  • Jeremy is frustrated, Kyle is vindicated and Ryan is somewhere in between.
  • Was a third-round pick enough compensation?
  • Weighing the cost-benefit between losing Golden Tate for nine games and earning a second-day draft pick.
  • Is there any chance the Lions make a play for Tate this upcoming free agency period?
  • The crew discusses the short-term implications of the trade: Is the 2018 season over? How will the Lions offense adjust? Who stands to benefit the most?
  • Speaking long-term, is receiver a big need headed into the 2019 draft or are the Lions becoming a more run-based offense?
  • Between this and the “Snacksâ€� trade, what kind of message is the front office sending to its players and fans?

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