Open thread: What will the Lions’ record against the Bears be this season?

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Open thread: What will the Lions’ record against the Bears be this season?

Are the Lions in for a sweep?

At Pride of Detroit here, we like to joke about the Detroit Lions ’ recent record against the Chicago Bears . We’ve tried to popularize the hashtag #WeOwnTheBears, based on the Lions’ 9-1 record against the Bears over the past five seasons.

But it certainly seems like the fun and games could come to an end very soon. The Lions will play the Bears twice in the span of 11 games, and right now Chicago undeniably looks like the better team. Sure, they have yet to notch that season-defining win, but at 5-3, they’re atop the division and clearly headed in the right direction as a franchise.

Meanwhile, we all know what’s happening with the Lions, and the 2018 season seems to be on life support. So today’s Question of the Day is:

What will the Lions’ record be in the two Bears games this season?

My answer: Logically speaking, there’s no reason the Bears shouldn’t win both games. However, this rivalry has been wacky and close recently. Of the past 10 contests, eight of them have been decided by one score.

And let’s not forget just how unpredictable this Lions team has been thus far this season. Many fans pegged them as dead after losing in the first two weeks of the season. However, they followed that up by taking it to the New England Patriots . Not many gave them a chance against the Packers a couple weeks later, and Detroit not only defeated their division foes, but followed it up with their best overall performance against the Dolphins .

Still, it’s hard to see how Detroit comes away with a win based on the way they are playing right now. But logic hasn’t been able to explain this team properly, so I’m going with 1-1, even though I don’t have any real reason to think that.

Your turn.

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